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How do I purchase CCDC documents or copyright seals?

CCDC documents and copyright seals can only be purchased from an authorized document outlet.  Ensure you are specifying the correct document or seal you require, and in what language. CCDC does not directly sell documents or seals.      

How do I download CCDC documents?

After purchasing a document from a document outlet, you will receive a registration number. A registration number is a unique code that is specific to the version and language of the document purchased. Once purchased, follow the steps below:

  • Ensure the language of ccdc.org matches the language of the document being downloaded. This can be toggled in the top or bottom right corners of the webpage.
  • Select the CCDC document you want to download.
  • Once you are on the page for the document, scroll down and click the blue "Download" button.
  • Complete the Document Registration Form and click the "Submit" button.
  • Once you have clicked the "Submit" button, your document will automatically download.
  • If your document doesn’t automatically download, click the “Download it manually”.

What contract do I need?

If you are looking for a specific contract, ensure you know the contract’s name and number. If you are unsure which contract would best suit your needs, CCDC 10 – 2018 A Guide to Construction Project Delivery Methods provides information to assist the selection of the most appropriate delivery method.

Do I need a membership with CCDC?

There are no memberships associated with CCDC. Most document outlets offer discounted rates for their own members, but no membership is needed to purchase or access CCDC documents.

Can you find our registration number?

CCDC does not keep a comprehensive registration number database. Please ensure your registration numbers are kept on file in case you need to download a document again in the future, as we are unable to recover it for you.

My registration number says, “invalid code”. What should I do?

  • If you purchased a single document, ensure you selected the individual document and not the complete set.
  • If you purchased a complete set of documents, ensure you selected the complete set and not an individual document.
  • If you continue to have problems with your registration number, please contact orders@cca-acc.com or call 613-236-9455 extension 1.

My code isn’t invalid. Why won’t my document download?

If you get the “Success! Your download should begin shortly” message, but your document doesn’t automatically download, click “download it manually.”

I only want to purchase a few CCDC documents. Do I have to purchase the complete set?

You do not need to purchase the CCDC complete set. All CCDC documents can be purchased individually.

I can’t fill in fields in the document. What should I do?

The documents will not function correctly with version 3.x of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please make sure you have at least version 4.x or higher of Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can check which version you have by clicking "Help" on the menu bar and then selecting "About Acrobat Reader." A number should be displayed at the top left corner of the information window. If it is version 3 or lower, please download the current version of the Reader. It can be downloaded from the following link - Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Who is included in the “etc.” regarding the Commissioner section in the CCDC 9 Statutory Declarations?

The legislation of the applicable province will set out who can take affidavits and declarations. For example, in Ontario, the Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act states who can take affidavits and declarations. Some individuals by virtue of their office are automatically entitled to do so. This includes provincial judges and Members of the Legislative Assembly, lawyers entitled to practise in the province, and municipal councillors, to name a few. The Attorney General can also appoint Commissioners pursuant to this Act, which is typically the Commissioners of Oaths present in construction associations. They will have stamps and certificates to prove their standing.

How is interest calculated under Article 5.2.1 of CCDC 2?

Article 5.2.1 of CCDC 2 (and similar provisions in other CCDC contracts) standardizes the interest owed on overdue accounts. The intent of Article 5.2.1 is to produce a comparable rate to that which a party would be subject to in order to finance such owed amounts. Two percent above the prime rate charged by commercial lending institutions is proposed as the standard. To not show bias to any bank, the name of the institution is to be specified by the parties. However, the named institution should be a commercial bank that the parties could secure funding from, and not other organizations that may prescribe interest rates like the Bank of Canada. The rate of interest to apply is stated as an annual rate to avoid the application of Section 4 of the Federal Interest Act, which could otherwise cap the rate. (more…)

How do I apply a physical seal with an electronic signature?

CCDC documents can be signed electronically, provided e-signatures are valid in the relevant jurisdiction. For guidance on e-signatures, see here. If signing electronically, proper usage of the documents require that hard copies be printed after signing, with an official copyright seal affixed to each copy. This should be communicated and understood between parties prior to execution. A fully electronic process is not currently supported.

Note: The Adobe Acrobat Reader program is not a product of the Canadian Construction Association and therefore we do not directly support the software. To reach Adobe’s support site follow this link.

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