About CCDC

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What is CCDC?

The Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) develops, produces, and reviews standard construction contracts, forms and guides. It is a national joint committee, formed in 1974, and includes representation from across the Canadian construction industry.

The committee includes two construction owner representatives from each of the public and private sectors, as well as representatives from four national organizations. All CCDC Documents are endorsed by these national organizations:

CCDC representation also includes a lawyer from the Canadian Bar Association (Construction Law Section), who sits as an ex-officio member.

Benefits of CCDC documents

CCDC documents are used in contractual arrangements across the Canadian construction industry. They provide cost savings through balanced standard contract forms, and help to ensure standardization for bidding and contracting procedures. Each year, more than 50,000 copies of CCDC documents are sold.

By using uniformed and standardized documents from CCDC, practitioners in the Canadian construction industry are using documents that are:

  • relied upon as familiar industry standards,
  • developed through a collaborative and consensus-based approach that allows  for the serious consideration of rights, interests and obligations of all parties,
  • protect the interest and preserve the rights of all parties involved in a  construction project, and
  • provide balance, uniformity and standardization for bidding and contracting procedures.

CCDC documents can help reduce claims and disputes, and the added expense and time associated.

Canadian Construction Documents Committee List of Members

Owner Representatives

Bruce Cleaver
Managing Director, Project Delivery Services
Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions

David McNair
Owner Representative

Mark Mulholland (CCDC Chair)
Vice President, Project Delivery Services & Operations
Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions

Mélinda Nycholat
Vice President, Operations
Defence Construction Canada

Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Canada (ACEC)

Steven Clarke
ACEC Representative

Sylvia Jungkind (CCDC Vice-Chair)
Senior Contracts and Insurance Specialist
WSP Canada Inc.

John Woods
Projects and Business Development Manager
Meco (Mitchelmore Engineering Co. Ltd.)

Canadian Construction Association (CCA)

Salvatore Argento
Sept Frères Construction G2 inc.

Michael Assal
Taplen Commercial Construction

Brendan Nobes
Director of Construction
RCS Construction Inc.

Christina O’Donnell
General Counsel
Black & McDonald Limited

Construction Specifications Canada (CSC)

Gary Hartman
Contraspec Ltd

Mila Legge
Senior Specification Writer
NORR Limited

Walter Strachan (Past CCDC Chair)
VP Risk Management
CBCL Limited Consulting Engineers

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC)

Philip O’Sullivan
Senior Architect, Associate

Elisa Brandts
Managing Senior Principal, Buildings

Louis Leduc
Roberge et Leduc, architectes

Ex-Officio Member & Committee Secretary

Geza Banfai
McMillan, LLP

Eric Lee
Vice-President, Industry Practices
Canadian Construction Association

Document Advisors & Staff

Herb Guhl
Contrax Consulting Inc.